The Mastery Company is hosting its Fifth SUMMIT Conference. The SUMMIT brings together leading experts and entrepreneurial dentists from across the country and abroad to provide the opportunity for networking and information exchange in the growing sector of managed group dental practice.

2016 SUMMIT: corporate LEADERSHIP & Capitalizing the future

There are cardinal elements that enable dentist-entrepreneurs to generate and grow successful managed group practices. Two of these fundamental and critical components are Corporate Leadership and Capitalization.

Distinguished leaders of very successful managed group practices will offer insights and discoveries on leadership. You'll learn how they approach leadership and implement a successful vision in the new ecology of dental group practice.

Equity Partners, Venture Capitalists and national Lending Institutions will discuss the means and the models for capitalizing the growth of your group dental practice. You'll learn about what they look for and how they partner with emerging group practices.


Reserve Rooms (Double Tree Resort by Hilton)

May 11-13, 2016
Scottsdale AZ