In this interview by Bonnie Hixson (Progressive Dentist Magazine), she speaks to Dr. Marc Cooper about the 'purpose' of the 2014 SUMMIT as well as the speakers for the upcoming conference. (4:40)

Dr. Andrew Matta of Refresh Dental speaks about 'Why consider a DSO?' during the SUMMIT in Seattle, February 2013. (5:22)

In this 27-minute interview, Vincent Cardillo talks about the managed service organization (MSO) and how it functions within a managed group practice. Vincent has extensive professional experience in the build out of MSOs and DSOs and how the two interrelate. (27:40)

SUMMIT 2013 Audio Set

CDs from the 2013 Seattle SUMMIT are available for purchase that include the MP3 files. What is a DSO? What is an MSO? How do DSOs and MSOs interrelate?

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