Dr. Marc Cooper opens the SUMMIT on May 1, 2014 in Scottsdale AZ with a 'state of the dental practice' presentation. (38:17)

Agreements & Executive Management of Dental Groups That Govern Success or Promote Failure. (1:03:14)
Panelists: Gary Wadman, Maria Melone, Vincent Cardillo

Panelists discuss issues of 'quality assurance' in managed group practices. (49:47)
Panelists: Dr. Andrew Matta, Heidi Arndt, Dr. Joseph Errante

Dr. Cooper talks about leadership, the ultimate determinant of success in managed group practice success or failure. (57:39)

Ben Tuinei speaks about a 'game of inches' in the dental industry in working with 3rd party insurance companies. Click here to view the PowerPoint presentation. (48:14)


Dr. Andrew Matta, Chief Medical Officer
North American Dental Group

Ben Tuinei

Heidi Arndt, President
Enhanced Hygiene

Dr. Marc Cooper, President
The Mastery Company

Vincent Cardillo, President
Dental Management Innovations, LLC

SUMMIT 2013 Audio Set

We recorded all panel presentations from the 2013 SUMMIT in Seattle last February and have CDs for purchase that include all the MP3 files. What is a DSO? What is an MSO? How do DSOs and MSOs interrelate? For More Information.